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Phase 3 of Alconbury Weald will see some key elements of transport infrastructure come into the development to support our aspiration to get people out of cars and using bikes and buses more.

Fundamental to this will be the public transport spine that will run through the centre of the development, providing priority for bus movements from Peterborough to Alconbury Weald, and through the development to Huntingdon and St Ives and onto Cambridge.

Though the Combined Authority’s CAM system is no longer on the table, the principle of speedy bus connections – connecting locally and further afield – remains a shared commitment of Urban&Civic and local partners.

Alongside this, the railway connection on Grange Farm will provide a sustainable transport hub, connecting different ways of getting about by bus, bicycle and walking.

For Phase 3, the opportunities and connections of key cycle and walking routes is a defining factor: providing safe and direct, off-road connections to onsite facilities, key leisure amenities in Runway Park and the Heritage Area, as well as direct links to locations off site, such as the internationally important Great Fen.

Concept vehicular movement plan

Concept vehicular movement plan

Active Travel Routes

Active Travel Routes Active Travel Routes or Non-motorised User (NMU) Routes are a fundamental part of this phase. They provide ample space for cyclists and walkers, and some will include provision for horse- riders to pass safely with a 3m hard surface and a 2m grass surface running alongside. The routes also support wheelchair users and buggies.

They may have solar studs or cats eyes along them to help guide people in the dark, and the designs aim to give them priority over cars and buses if they need to cross any roads.

Cycle and walking routes will also be designed in along the streets, and we welcome your views on how Phase 1 has worked. This will help evolve the design approach to encourage people to think of using active travel or public transport first, and a car last.

Urban&Civic will continue to work with Smart Journeys to support residents in making active travel choices including:

  • bike hire
  • bike confidence classes
  • bike repair shop
  • car share schemes
  • bespoke travel advice.

Southern Gateway connection

Wider connections

With the investment in the A14 almost complete and the A1307 working as a local road, the next focus for transport partners is the A141, with a study recommending capacity be increased through the creation of a new outer ring road to Huntingdon, which will connect with the south of Grange Farm.

Meanwhile, we will be commencing with the Southern Gateway connection between Alconbury Weald and the A141 and Huntingdon over the next 18 months, as Phase 2 comes forward. This will also support continued discussions with partners and Network Rail to create a new station at Alconbury Weald.

Back the bus

In early 2022, we will be launching the Alconbury Weald Shuttle Bus – AW1 – which will connect the development to the town centre, bus and rail station, via local villages. The service will ensure, working with the 904, that there are two services an hour and this will continue to increase as more homes are delivered.

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