The big picture /

The big picture

With the first phase at Alconbury Weald progressing at pace, the Urban&Civic team is looking at future phases of development.

Phase 1 has seen 635 homes built and being lived in, of an overall 1,900 homes within this phase. It also includes: the first primary school, cricket pitch, multi-use games area (MUGA) and play parks; the Pavilion Community Centre; the Café/Bistro; Gym and library in The Club; and over 1 million sq ft of business space within the Enterprise Campus. A planning application has just been submitted for the Education Campus, which will deliver the secondary school, sixth form and a special needs school.
Phase 2 will see the start of a new 150 acre Country Park focusing on enhancing the woodland and Ancient Monument of Prestley Wood as well as 1,500 homes, a community centre, sports facilities and a primary school on the Grange Farm area of the development.
Phase 3 which we are focusing on here – will see the ‘Town Centre’ Hub, new parks in the middle of the development, and homes to the north of the existing runway.
Phase 3 will include:
  • Up to 2,168 homes
  • Around 60 hectares (148 acres) of green space including parks, play spaces, allotments and orchards
  • Two primary schools
  • Health centre, dentist and pharmacy
  • Community centre, faith space and library
  • Sports facilities
  • Heritage Area
  • Employment space.

What is a Phase?

Alconbury Weald is coming forward in phases, which all reflect the original Outline Planning Consent for the development.

Phase 3 will continue to deliver the existing strategies in place for biodiversity and green infrastructure; drainage and water strategy; transport and access; and employment.

It will also include new amenities and facilities, which require an updated Design Code and Landscape Frame- work to reflect what is coming forward and the specific locations where development will happen.

Ensuring design quality

Each phase of Alconbury Weald will have a Design Code that sets consistent benchmarks of quality across the development. Every application that follows within that phase must comply with the standards set. The graphic below shows the ‘chapters’ of the Design Code for Phase 1, which we will update and evolve to reflect Phase 3.

Submitted by the Master Developer and/or end user/housebuilder Submitted by the Master Developer Submitted by the Master Developer Tier Three Reserved Matters Tier Two Key Matters Tier One Outline Covers individual parcels of homes or community buildings Bringing forward each key phase of the development Covering the whole development Site Wide Strategies Estate Management Ecological Mitigation and Management Community Facilities Delivery Water Management Strategy Code of Construction Practice Principle and Specification of Development Key Access Points and Locations for Facilities set out in Parameter Plan Key Phase Framework Design Code/Brief Written scheme of archaeological investigation Transport Assessment Delivery Plan Affordable Housing Site-wide Strategy Supplements Sustainability statement Key Phase Framework Extent of Key Phase Schedule of Uses Quantum of Development Education Viability Reserved Matters Application Landscape Appearance Scale Layout Access Design Code Checklist For example, parcels of 150 homes Community Buildings Primary School Green Infrastructure Grey Infrastructure For example, 1,000–1,500 homes Regulatory Plan Including 6,000 homes Parameter Plan WE ARE HERE

Indicative timeline

December 2021

Consultation feedback/detailed proposals

Feburary 2022

Consultation feedback/detailed proposals

March 2022

Submission of Key Phase 3 planning application

September 2022

Key Phase 3 consent

October 2022

Infrastructure applications

January 2023

Reserved Matters applications for the first homes

March 2023

Reserved Matters application for ‘Town Centre’ Hub

April 2023

Infrastructure work starts

October 2023

Key Phase 3 homes start building

December 2023

Work on 'Town Centre' Hub starts

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